A vision for a different kind of healthcare

Our aim is to provide a health service where you are part of the team.  Our wish is to meet your health needs by working together, where different health providers collaborate and listen to one another and most importantly, listen to you.  This kind of health care is known as interprofessional care. By training the health providers of the future in this way, we aim to make a difference to your health outcomes and healthcare in general.

AUT Integrated Health is open to everyone in the community. You can access our services with or without a referral from your GP.  Our services are provided by undergraduate and postgraduate Bachelor of Health Science students under the close supervision of our qualified and highly experienced team.  One of the benefits of coming to AIH is that not only do we take a holistic view of you and your care, we are able to ensure we take the time you need to help you achieve your goals.

The clinic offers a wide range of cost effective health and rehabilitation services in one convenient location.  We try to keep our fees affordable and because we are part of the university, we are also able to let you know about research that you may like to get involved in.  These are some of the many qualities that our patients tell us they like about the AIH Clinic at AUT.

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Lots of time and attention without the big bill, yet another benefit of the AIH Clinic.

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