About AUT Integrated Health

AUT Integrated Health is a health centre run within New Zealand's leading contemporary university, AUT. We are committed to integrating industry best practice, research and education.

Our approach is interprofessional. This means that within the centre, our services work together to meet your specific health needs.

Our approach and what to expect when you visit us

Education and learning for AUT students

AIH provides a unique health service to the community while giving AUT's undergraduate and postgraduate Bachelor of Health Science students a real life setting where they can learn skills and apply their knowledge. During patient consultations, our students are supported and supervised by our fully qualified and professional staff.

Students from many of AUT's health disciplines work together at AIH. This form of collaborative practice is well established nationally and internationally as the best way to deliver health services – there is clear evidence that it strengthens health systems and improves health outcomes for patients.

Interprofessional practice in action

Our students practise interprofessional working in lots of ways, like:

  • Attending 'combined care' appointments: this is where students from different disciplines work together with a
    client at the same time
  • Consulting and liaising with students and supervisors from other disciplines during treatment sessions
  • Opportunities for informal and/or unplanned collaborative practice and planning
  • Working together in group health programmes

Group health programmes

Our group-based programmes aim to help you manage or improve certain health conditions – like diabetes, Parkinson's disease or recovery from cardiac surgery.

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