Your visit to AIH

At AIH, you take an active role in the healthcare we provide and our approach is interprofessional.

Because we're a teaching facility, we allow more time for patient consultations and prepare, discuss and review your
care with best practice in mind.

What does interprofessional mean?

Interprofessional means that all of the healthcare services at AIH work together to meet your health needs. We do this by collaborating before, during and after your consultation or appointment to review and plan for your care.

For example, a patient may make a physiotherapy appointment. During the appointment, we may ask you if we can ask a colleague from podiatry to join us to assess your footwear needs, which could be contributing to your discomfort. In this way, we make sure we take a holistic approach to your care, making the most of the professional services we have within the centre.

Who you'll see during your appointment

When you make an appointment with us, you'll have the chance to see one healthcare service during the session, or many. This will depend on your needs and preferences, and we will discuss it with you when you make your appointment.

At your consultation, you'll be seen by undergraduate or postgraduate students. All students work alongside our professional and highly qualified staff.

How students and supervisors work together

A consultation usually follows this format:

  • 1-2 students and 1 supervisor will be present
  • Students work alongside supervisors to lead your consultation – so you can expect both students and supervisors to ask you questions, explain treatments or perform any procedures or assessments
  • During your consultation, supervisors and students may talk together about your care – this helps our students to learn
  • You will usually see the same students and supervisor during any follow-up visits

After your consultation, the students and supervisor you saw will usually review and discuss your case together.

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Our group-based programmes aim to help you manage or improve certain health conditions – like diabetes, Parkinson's disease or recovery from cardiac surgery.

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