Our health services

We are an interprofessional healthcare provider: our services work together to meet your health needs. When you book an appointment, we'll talk to you about the different services or professionals who may be involved in your care.

This section describes how each of our services work, what they do and the facilities they offer.

Professional services working together

Find out how physiotherapy is used to restore movement and function if you have a health condition, injury or illness.
We can help you manage conditions that affect your feet or lower legs. Learn about our podiatry services.
Learn how occupational therapy can help you achieve a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle by changing work or home routines and activities.
Browse the services we offer to help you maintain a healthy mouth and teeth, including cleaning, x-rays, whitening and more.
Counselling psychologists work with a range of issues and help you to identify and take steps to resolve them.
Learn how psychotherapy can help you examine your life and background so that you can make meaningful changes or address challenges.
Our student nurses carry out a range of health assessments including pulse, blood pressure, lipid levels and blood glucose.


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