Physiotherapy helps restore your health, movement and function if you have been affected by injury, disability or a health condition. We use proven methods to improve your health or relieve your symptoms.

You can read more about physiotherapy on the Physiotherapy NZ website.

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Our physiotherapy services include:

  • Musculoskeletal: for acute or chronic injuries or pain usually related to joints, bones and soft tissue
  • Neurological rehabilitation: for problems mainly related to the brain and nervous system that can affect movement, ability to function and participation in activities
  • Exercise-based rehabilitation: for problems usually related to a lack of physical capacity where patients want to enjoy being active again

How we can help you

As physiotherapists, we have an expert knowledge of how the body works. We use this knowledge along with practical clinical skills to assess you, help you understand your condition and provide treatment.

Some of the common treatments we use include education, exercise therapy, manual therapy, breathing, and balance retraining. These may be provided one on one or in group settings to work towards achieving your goals.

Our facilities

Our health centre has different spaces to meet the needs of our patients, like areas for group exercise and others for education and individual or private consultations.

Our facilities include:

  • Sport and fitness centres with full gym equipment and group exercise areas
  • Body weight support treadmill equipment


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