Akoranga026000We provide a fully functional hydrotherapy service to help people improve their health and well being.

People of all ages and levels of fitness can receive benefits from Hydrotherapy.

Aquatic exercise is designed to improve the circulation and to relax muscles enabling you to stretch and exercise more easily.  The pool is heated to 35.3 degrees and is 1.3m deep, which is approximately rib height.

The programme is designed by our physiotherapy students and is supervised by one of our Registered Physiotherapists trained in Aquatic Therapy.  Your initial assessment is carried out in the AIH clinic where a programme is designed around your goals.

Hydrotherapy is part of the rehabilitation programme designed by our physiotherapy students and is supervised by our Hydrotherapy Instructor.  Your initial assessment is carried out in the AIH clinic where a program is written especially for your hydrotherapy sessions.

Patients recovering from or coping with a physical or neurological condition or injury can benefit from the cushioning effects of the water.  This includes conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma and post surgery recovery.

Participants will have a circuit programme tailored to their needs with close supervision, consisting of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises.  Classes are an hour long including a group a group warm up, individualised exercises using pool equipment and a cool down.

Please call 09 921 9155 or email aih@aut.ac.nz for more information and bookings