AUT Integrated Health Clinic provides a service to the community and an opportunity for students to care for patients in a real life setting under close supervision.

We offer services that are specific to each health discipline, for example podiatry or oral health, as well as opportunities for appointments with more than one health discipline. This helps us to look after your individual needs in a more holistic way.  An example of this could be where physiotherapy may be attending to your back pain and they may ask you if a colleague from podiatry could assess your footwear needs which may be contributing to your discomfort.  Working together like this not only gives you better care, it teaches our future healthcare professionals to work together with a patient centred focus.

Another way we offer care is through our interprofessional programmes.  In these programmes we work together with you, to design your care and to address your individual health needs. The programmes are generally group based and address specific health concerns. Take a look at our Interprofessional Programmes page for more information about the services.

As we are a university clinic, we also have opportunities for you to participate in research.  We will ask you to let us know if you are happy to be contacted if there is a research study that would be relevant for you.  You can also find information about projects on our notice board in reception.