The clinic works with local health organisations to investigate innovative treatment methods to further advance the care of patients.

Below are some current projects which are helping us to improve health services in New Zealand.

The AIH Osteoarthritis project

  • Nurse lead assessment and interprofessional case management
  • Community education series and collaboration with Arthritis New Zealand

The Arthritis Education Series was set up at the start of 2011 as a collaborative project between the AIH Clinic and Arthritis New Zealand. It had become apparent that many people with arthritis and many of the clinicians who manage arthritis, wanted to know more about the condition and how to manage it.  The topics for the Arthritis Education Series came out of conversations between the clinicians based at AIH and Arthritis New Zealand Educators. The evenings have addressed issues such as pain, gout, equipment, exercise therapy and medications.

The Lifestyles for Well-being project

Programs involving education on diet and exercise can be effective initially, but are not always the answer.  A pilot project is currently running in partnership with Occupational Therapy and Counselling Psychology to assist people with long term conditions (such as Arthritis).  This program aims to teach people how to change their habits, develop or adapt routines that support a healthier, more enjoyable and satisfying lifestyle.  Components will include education, discussion and group problem solving and individual sessions.

DSCF021000The Te Puke Oral Health project for migrant workers

Oral Health staff and students run an annual project in conjunction with Fruits of the Pacific Charity providing oral health care and education for migrant workers from Vanuatu.  Part of the program is "Training the
Trainers" enabling independence and fostering knowledge.